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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Anti-money laundering and combating the financing on terrorism : regional video conference : South Asia regional-Maldives, Pakistan and Sri LankaWorld Bank
2015-07-02Candidate site identification report : renewable wind mapping for the MaldivesWorld Bank
2018Climate investment : opportunities in South AsiaWorld Bank
2014Country data report for Maldives, 1996-2014 : worldwide governance indicatorsWorld Bank
2017-10Country snapshot : MaldivesWorld Bank
2015-10Country snapshot : MaldivesWorld Bank
2016-10Country snapshot : Maldives October 2016World Bank
2009-10Debt Management performance assessment (DeMPA) : MaldivesWorld Bank
2019-03Debt management performance assessment (DeMPA) : MaldivesWorld Bank; ވޯލްޑު ބޭންކު
2008Doing business 2009 : country profile for Maldives : comparing regulation in 181 economicsWorld Bank
2009Doing business 2010 Maldives : comparing regulation in 183 economicsWorld Bank
2010Doing business 2011 Maldives : making a different for entrepreneurs : comparing business regulation in 183 economicsWorld Bank
2012Doing business 2012 economy profile Maldives : doing business in more transparent world : comparing regulation for domestics firm in 183 economicsWorld Bank
2014Doing business 2014 : comparing business regulation for domestic firms in 189 economies : economic profile MaldivesWorld Bank; ވޯލްޑު ބޭންކު
2015Doing business 2015 : going beyond efficiency : comparing business regulation domestic firms in 189 economicsWorld Bank; ވޯލްޑު ބޭންކު
2016Doing business 2016 : measuring regulatory quality and efficiency : economic profile 2016 MaldivesWorld Bank
2017Doing business 2017 : equal opportunities for all : economic profile 2017 : MaldivesWorld Bank
2017Doing business 2017 : equal opportunity for all : economic profile 2019 MaldivesWorld Bank
2018Doing business 2018 : reforming to create jobsWorld Bank
2007-05Electronic government procurement : regarding assessment & roadmap : Republic of Maldives May 2007World Bank; ވޯލްޑު ބޭންކު