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Title: Knowledge and attitude toward hepatitis B infection among the students in faculty of education Male’ Maldives
Authors: Hassan, Fathaath
Keywords: Hepatitis B
Issue Date: 18-May-2015
Publisher: Maldives National University
Citation: Hassan, F. (2015). Knowledge and attitude toward hepatitis B infection among the students in faculty of education Male’ Maldives. Faculty of Health Sciences, Male', Maldives.
Abstract: A cross- sectional descriptive study was conducted to study about the knowledge and attitude towards hepatitis B infection amongst the students in the Maldives. A total of 120 students were randomly and systemically selected in the faculty of education age 20-39 years in Male’ City and interviewed by anonymous self-administered questionnaire during March to May 2015. An information letter was provided with the questionnaire and also written consent was taken from the students who have participated in the survey. Statistical descriptive analysis was used to find the knowledge and attitude among the students in faculty of education aged 20-39 years in Maldives. The result shows that majority of the students (73%) have heard about hepatitis B infection. Most of the students (28%) had heard about the disease from internet. Furthermore, majority of the students have knowledge about disease transmission, 55% of the students gave correct answered that disease can be transmitted by having personal contact. The study also show that majority of the students have less knowledge about the complication of the disease. Moreover, the study shows that students have positive attitude toward hepatitis b disease prevention. The results indicate that there is a gap in knowledge among the students about the disease transmission and complication also the prevention. To conclude health education and health promotion should be provided to the students to improve their knowledge about the disease and build their confidence to test and receive vaccination against hepatitis b infection.
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