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Title: Second addendum : F. Nilandhoo : environmental impact assessment to Nilandhoo harbour construction project, Faafu atoll, Maldives
Authors: Hussain, Firdous
Keywords: Bathymetry
Shoreline mapping
Beach profiles
Marine survey
Social environment
Meteorological conditions
Existing environment
Marine water quality
Coastal environment
Natural hazard vulnerability
Environmental impacts
Environmental monitoring
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Citation: Hussain, F. (2018). Second addendum : F. Nilandhoo : environmental impact assessment to Nilandhoo harbour construction project, Faafu atoll, Maldives. Male': Maldives
Abstract: This is the second Addendum to the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) for the harbour development project in Nilandhoo, Faafu Atoll. The project is proposed by Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure. No scoping meeting was held as the proposed change is minor. This EIA addendum report aims to assess the issues highlighted in Terms of Reference (ToR) agreed between EPA and proponent. Furthermore, it is to fulfil the requirement of the Environmental Protection and Preservation Act of the Maldives (Law No. 4/93). Construction of Nilandhoo harbour was contracted with MTCC on 14th April 2015, whereas the EIA was undertaken for this project on September 2015 by Water Solutions Pvt ltd. Construction phase of the project was commenced thereafter in late 2015. Need and justification of the harbour construction project has been described in the initial EIA. First addendum to the EIA of Nilandhoo was made to change the sand borrow site. The 2nd addendum is to address a proposed design change to the quay-wall structure where the initially proposed revetment and concrete quay-wall will be replaced by a 346m long steel sheet pile quay-wall along the same line. The total length of 346m will be achieved in two stages where 223m will be completed in the first stage. Environmental impacts of the proposed change were assessed for both construction and operation stage of the project. Other than vibration which will also be localized in the project area, no additional negative impacts are expected due to the proposed change in design. Effective impact mitigation measures identified in the report are to be taken during the construction to minimise the magnitude of their occurance Environment monitoring program discussed in 2015 EIA is sufficient and should be followed. In an environmental and technical point of view, the proposed change to F.Nilandhoo harbour project can be continued as proposed.
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