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Title: Environmental impact assessment for the proposed coastal protection and modification to the original concept at Moofushi Island Resort, South Ari Atoll, Maldives
Authors: Water Solutions
Keywords: Coastal protection
Construction of new breakwaters
Beach replenishment methods
Management of waste
Marine water quality
Marine environment surveys
Coastal environment
Existing coastal environment
Existing marine environment
Environmental impacts
Stakeholder consultations
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2010
Citation: Water Solutions. (2010). Environmental impact assessment for the proposed coastal protection and modification to the original concept at Moofushi Island Resort, South Ari Atoll, Maldives. Male': Maldives
Abstract: This report discusses the findings of an environmental impact assessment undertaken by Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd for undertaking the coastal protection works and bring minor modifications to the resort development concept. Moofushi Island is currently under redevelopment. The redevelopment is being undertaken after obtaining the proper approval including the approval of the EIA. Since construction began in September 2005, the need arose to bring minor modifications to the original development concept, which includes the following components. ‐ Construction of a new swimming pool ‐ Extension of the arrival jetty by 10 meters ‐ Construction of new breakwaters for better coastal protection ‐ Modification and repair of some of the existing breakwaters for better coastal protection ‐ Replenishment of the eroded areas of the beach ‐ Removal of some groynes and seawall that are not functioning Although Moofushi has coastal protection, they are not functioning entirely and some areas of the coastline are undergoing chronic erosion. Hence, new coastal protection measures have been suggested. The proposed project conforms to all prevalent environmental and tourism legislation and thrives to achieve its objectives in the most environmentally friendly manner. Environmental impacts were assessed for both the construction and operation phase of the project. Most of the environmental impacts of the project have been identified as resulting mainly from beach replenishment. The main impact would be that of sedimentation on the nearby reef areas. This impact is considered to be short‐term and cumulative. Nevertheless, mitigation measures have been proposed for anticipated negative impacts. Mitigation measures for these negative impacts have been identified and outlined in detail, especially sedimentation control methods. The most important mitigation measure is the use of bund walls in the replenishment areas. The proposed mitigation measures will have to be followed in order to minimize environmental damage. The measures proposed to minimize or mitigate environmental impacts may be considered to be quite appropriate, thereby minimizing the impact by about 90%. The main negative environmental impact of the proposed project would be sedimentation, which may cause death or partial death of corals. The commitment by the proponent to undertake mitigation measures is proven by the summary monitoring reports undertaken by the client since the inception of the resort redevelopment stage in September 2009 (attached as an annex). Since construction began, Moofushi island’s environment has been monitored continuously as per the monitoring schedule outlined in the EIA of 2009, which was approved for the redevelopment. The proponent also commits to undertake the monitoring programme set out in this EIA report knowing that monitoring will help to identify the effectiveness of the mitigation measures and take precautions to minimize any damage to the main tourist attraction of the island, which is its environment. Therefore, it appears justified from a technical, social, economic and environmental point of view, to carry out the proposed modifications.
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