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Title: Addendum V to environmental impact assessment for the development of a 200 bed tourist hotel on G. Dh. Magudhdhuvaa
Authors: Systems Engineering and Marine Consulting
Keywords: Harbours
Protection wall construction
Coastal protection
Existing environment
Environmental impacts
Environmental monitoring plan
Issue Date: Oct-2011
Citation: Systems Engineering and Marine Consulting. (2011). Addendum V to environmental impact assessment for the development of a 200 bed tourist hotel on G. Dh. Magudhdhuvaa. Male': Maldives
Abstract: An Environment Impact Assessment on the construction of a tourist resort on Magudhdhuvaa was submitted in 2008. After a review meeting with the Ministry of Transport and Environment, a first addendum to the EIA was submitted outlining the necessary clarifications. The EIA was approved, authorizing the proposed development. Several alterations were made to the layout after the initial designs were submitted and approved, and a second addendum was required to validate these alterations. The development of the resort commenced following the approval of the second addendum. However several alterations were made after the second addendum and a third was submitted and approved. A fourth addendum, regarding new developments, has been recently submitted for review by the Environmental Protection Agency. Now, Ahmet Aydeniz Maldives Pvt. Ltd. wishes to develop a protection wall in the harbour in addition to the developments authorized as per the decision notes (88‐ES/NI‐MAG/2008/3, 88‐DS/NI‐MAG/2010/10 and 88‐ES/NI‐MAG/2011/03) issued following the evaluation of the EIA and the previous addendums. The present addendum V first presents the changes brought by this structure about in the design, followed by a discussion on the environmental consequences of these changes. A summary table giving the pros and cons of the changes is finally given before concluding on the environmental appropriateness of the changes.
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