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Title: Environment impact assessment for the proposed airport development project in Ifuru Island, Raa Atoll
Authors: CDE Consulting
Keywords: Airport development projects
Domestic airport operations
Legislative and regulatory considerations
Physical environment
Natural and biological environment
Socio-economic environment
Environmental impacts
Mitigation measures
Environmental management plans
Environmental monitoring program
Environmental impact assessments
Issue Date: Oct-2011
Citation: CDE Consulting. (2011). Environment impact assessment for the proposed airport development project in Ifuru Island, Raa Atoll. Male': Maldives
Abstract: This Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an evaluation of the potential environmental, socioeconomic and natural impacts of the proposed regional airport development project, planned for Ifuru Island, Raa Atoll. The project is being undertaken by Ifuru Investments Pvt. Ltd. The main components of the project include constructing and operating an airport (domestic), and a 200 bed transit hotel. The airstrip and supporting facilities for the airport will be developed on the eastern half of the island. Additional land is to be reclaimed from the lagoon to accommodate the airstrip length and supporting facilities. Moreover, extensive vegetation clearing will also be required to accommodate the airstrip. The tourist hotel will also be constructed on the western side of the island. Most infrastructure will be developed independent of each other (i.e. airport and hotel), but utilities such as power, water supply, access infrastructure, sewerage management system and waste management will be developed as shared facilities. Since the airport is being constructed on an island currently used for agricultural purposes a few developments such as the roads and access facilities already existing on the island. However, these facilities are in poor condition and will be repaired or redeveloped under this project. These include the redevelopment of the existing harbour and entrance channel, reclamation of new land and the development of a road between the harbour and airport terminals. The construction is expected to begin during 2011 and will be completed within 18 months. The construction of the airport hotel will also begin during 2012 and is expected to take 24 months. The estimated costs for both project is $50 million. This EIA has been developed based on the Term of Reference (ToR) issued by the Ministry of Transport, Housing and Environment (MTHE) of the Maldives. This document is submitted by the proponent to the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and MHTE to fulfil the requirements for an EIA under Article 5 of the Environment Protection and Preservation Act (4/93). The EIA Regulations 2007 have been used as the basis for developing this document. This EIA only covers the construction and operation of the airport and, vegetation clearing for the hotel area. A separate EIA will be submitted for the construction and operation of the hotel.
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