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Title: Environmental impact assessment report for resort development at Fushivelavaru, Noonu Atoll
Authors: Land and Marine Environmental Resources Group
Keywords: Resort development
Existing environment
Marine surverys
Terrestrial environment
Social environment
Legislative and regulatory considerations
Constructional impacts
Operational impacts
Mitigation measures
Environmental monitoring program
Environmental impact assessments
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Citation: Land and Marine Environmental Resources Group. (2011). Environmental impact assessment report for resort development at Fushivelavaru, Noonu Atoll. Male': Maldives
Abstract: Fushivelavaru is one of the islands the Government of Maldives had recently released for tourism development. These islands were leased on the basis that Maldives had to meet the current projected bed-capacity needs in the Maldives. The non technical summary outlines the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed development of a 100 bed resort on the island of N. Fushivelavaru. The resort at N. Fushivelavaru will be operated by Gladonia Maldives Pvt Ltd. This document presents the findings of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for resort development at N. Fushivelavaru. Developments of this nature are required to carry out EIA studies under the Environmental Act of Maldives. The developer is required to obtain approval of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of Ministry of Housing and Environment (MHE), Maldives prior to the implementation of any development activities on the island. Land and Marine Environmental Resource Group Pte Ltd have been engaged Gladonia Maldives Pvt Ltd to prepare the EIA and to provide assistance in other environmental related activities. This EIA is prepared in accordance with Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2007 and the Government of Maldives environmental policy and guidelines.
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