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Title: Environmental impact assessment report for harbor construction project Ga. Kon’dey
Authors: Energy Consultancy
Keywords: Policy and legal framework
Project description
Existing environment
Impacts and mitigation measures
Stakeholder consultation
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Citation: Energy Consultancy. (2013). Environmental impact assessment report for harbor construction project Ga. Kon’dey. Male': Maldives
Abstract: Kon’dey is located on the south-eastern part of G.A Atoll. The proposed harbor is 91 m long and 61 m wide with a 28 m wide entrance. The basin will be 5 m deep at mean sea level. This is a small size harbor relative to harbors in more populated islands. The proposed harbor site is located at the existing harbor area on thewestern side of the island.Since the basin area is already excavated, it is expected that the material removed from the basin and the entrance will be just enough to backfill and to reclaim the quay wall of the harbor. For the breakwater, armour rocks will be loaded and transferred to site from stock pile using excavator. Before backfilling the quay wall, a geo-textile layer will be placed between the quay wall blocks and back filled sand. In the proposed project area there is an existing temporary harbor used by the island community. In the deep area the survey showed a depth of 4 to 5 meters from the mean sea level meanwhile inthe shallower region of the proposed harbor site has 1 to 2 meters from mean sea level. Marine water quality was assessed in four deferent locations from the proposed area. According to the data collected, the sea water over the proposed location is clear. It was found from the survey that the percentage of the coral cover is less than 2 percent due to the pre-dragging for the harbor use. The island has a very long shoreline with its natural beach intact. However in some areas where economic activities are taking place, the problem of beach erosion can be found. In such areas the beach has eroded up to and beyond the vegetation line. The mean coastal current was found to be 7.8cm/s. The main impacts to the environment from the project include sedimentation silt deposition and loss of habitats in the sites where excavated materials has to be deposited. For monitoring the impacts that may arise from the proposedhabour project, shoreline, vegetation line beach profile and live coral cover should be monitored. These impacts can be mitigated through proper project planning and by taking proper precautions.
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