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Title: Field guide to Maldivian mangroves with Minna Mas
Authors: Glen, Elaine
Smith, Jady
Ahmed, Zameela
Shazna, Mariyam
Shafeeqa, Fathimath
Keywords: Mangrove
Mangrove Ecosystem
Moodhu vina
Tall-stilted Mangrove
Red Mangrove
Small-leafed Orange Mangrove
Birds of the Mangroves
Fishes of the Mangroves
Invertebrates of the Mangroves
Mangrove Plants
Threats to Mangroves
Large-Leafed Orange Mangrove
Yellow Mangrove
Black Mangrove
Mangrove Apple
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2008
Publisher: UNICEF
Educational Development Centre
Citation: Glen, E., Smith, J., Ahmed, Z., Shazna, M., & Shafeeqa, F. (2008). Field guide to Maldivian mangroves with Minna Mas. Male', UNICEF & Educational Development Centre.
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