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Title: Environmental impact assessment for the proposed redevelopment of summer island at Ziyaaraifushi Island, North Male’atoll, Maldives
Authors: Water Solutions
Keywords: Project setting
Project description
Existing general environment of Maldives
Environmental impacts
Stakeholder consultations
Environmental management and monitoring plan
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Citation: Water Solutions. (2014). Environmental impact assessment for the proposed redevelopment of summer island at Ziyaaraifushi Island, North Male’atoll, Maldives. Male': Maldives
Abstract: This report discusses the findings of an environmental impact study undertaken by Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for the proposed redevelopment of Summer island in North Male’ Atoll. Summer Island Resort is developed on the island of Ziyaaraiyyfushi. The island is situated at geographic coordinates 72° 52 15 E, 04° 33 27 N (see location map). This reef system comprises of two other islands, Reethi Rah and Madivaru. Reethi Rah lies approximately 900m south of the Summer Island. The island of Madivaru is located at approximately 400m south of Reethi Rah. This reef system has a length of about 6Km with an approximate width of about l.l km. Summer island at present has 115 rooms in operation and with the upgrading works, the number of rooms will increase to 154 that will include 20 new water villas on the southern side. The island has undergone upgrading works in the past two years including a comprehensive coastal protection project (After EIA approved). However, these were undertaken only in part of the island. The owners are proposing to redevelop the resort by shutting down the operation for 8 months which will include the upgrading works. The proposed redevelopment consists of the following components:  Development of 20 new water villas with an access jetty (over water).  Development of a mooring space by deepening the existing jetty heat.  Converting the existing water villa to a spa and a specialty restaurant.  Dredging this area at the end of the existing arrival jetty will allow safer maneuvering of boats as the existing area has become shallow.  Construction of new guest rooms on the island.  Replenishment of the south-west side of the island with sand dredged from the mooring area.  Construction of a groyne filed on the west side of the island Environmental impacts of the proposed redevelopment works have been examined through a number of processes. The report has identified that the impacts of the redevelopment process will mainly be felt on the marine and coastal environment. Impacts on the marine environment will be felt through sedimentation and siltation caused by the construction activities on the lagoon during this period, most importantly during dredging. Impacts on the coastal environment will be felt as a result of developing coastal structures on the beach resulting in alteration of the sediment and long shore patterns. Fortunately, the lagoon where new water villas will be developed does not contain much live corals. The western side, where the proposed groynes will be constructed will provide a long term solution to the ongoing erosion on the western side. Data over a number of years have been collected for the western side through subsequent monitoring works. On the overall, the redevelopment process will have the greatest impacts during the construction period. Terrestrial impacts are not going to be significant, but there will be very little or no vegetation clearance to to make way for new structures. The resort’s redevelopment plan have been designed and developed to upgrade the existing guest room, that is by demolishing old rooms and building new rooms in the same foot print. Impacts will be felt with the increasing demand for water and energy production. With the additional facilities and services offered, there will be a higher demand for energy. Production of increased amounts of water will also require more energy and thus there will be an overall increase in the emission of green house gases. Several mitigation measures have been identified including working in low tide hours, proper supervision. In addition, limiting construction to the minimum time period possible and a management and monitoring plan has also been identified as mitigation measures. These measures are proposed in order to mitigate the impacts on the coral reef and generally the marine environment. Finally, the report provides a conclusion which outlines the alternatives, the mitigation measures and the environmental monitoring that will be undertaken in Summer island Resort.
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