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dc.contributor.authorLand and Marine Environmental Resources Group-
dc.identifier.citationLand and Marine Environmental Resources Group. (2016). Environmental impact assessment for backfilling of lake area and reconstruction of boundary wall at Funadhoo, Kaafu Atoll. Male': Maldivesen_US
dc.description.abstractThe non-technical summary outlines findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the backfilling of Lake area/water body and reconstruction of boundary wall at K. Funadhoo. The proponent of the proposed project is State Trading Organization Plc. The total estimated cost of this project is USD 200,000.Due to the scope of the project, impacts on the environment have only been considered for the constructional phase of the project. These impacts have been identified through interviews with the project management team, field data collection and surveys and are also based on past experience of consultant in similar development projects. The impacts identified are described according to their location, extent and characteristics. Mitigation measures have also been identified for impacts which are irreversible in nature. Impact analysis was done using the Leopold matrix. Since majority of the work for the backfilling of Lake area had already been completed prior to consultation with the EIA consultant, any further impacts were mostly insignificant. Terrestrial vegetation was identified as the most sensitive component of this project. Moreover, impact analysis showed that most of the proposed works are anticipated to have positive outcomes. Mitigation measures are discussed in the report for potential impacts, including the following: 􀁸 Relocation of mature plants which are not too deeply rooted 􀁸 All machinery used should be well maintained and relevant staff well trained to avoid accidental spillage during construction phase Detailed mitigation measures are discussed in Section 11 of the report. Given the scope of the project, alternative has only been considered for the technique used for the bracing pipe/rod connection. The no-project scenario which was also considered is not feasible, given the scope of project and associated impacts on environment which are minor. Hence the project is considered feasible with proper implementation of the mitigation measures proposed to minimize the impacts on the environment.en_US
dc.subjectExcavation and backfilling worksen_US
dc.subjectBoundary wall constructionen_US
dc.subjectExisting environmenten_US
dc.subjectConstructional impactsen_US
dc.subjectOperational impactsen_US
dc.subjectSocio-economic impactsen_US
dc.subjectMitigation measuresen_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental monitoring programen_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental impact assessmentsen_US
dc.titleEnvironmental impact assessment for backfilling of lake area and reconstruction of boundary wall at Funadhoo, Kaafu Atollen_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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