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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Ancient Flags of MaldivesRomero-Frias, Xavier
2010Astrological drawings in Maldivian Nakaiyteri books : Dhivehi bavanaRomero-Frias, Xavier
2015-05Clarence Maloney, his vision, his work and the ancient underlying cultural influences in the MaldivesRomero-Frias, Xavier; ޒެވިއަރ ރޮމޭރޯ ފްރިއާސް
2012The destruction of the cultural heritage of MaldivesRomero-Frias, Xavier
2021Eating on the islands : as time have changed so has the Maldives' unique cuisine and cultureRomero-Frias, Xavier
2009Gaage Naima : a talented dancer who languished in obscurityRomero-Frias, Xavier; ޒެވިއަރ ރޮމޭރޯ ފްރިއާސް
2013-01-01Maldive history - an outlineRomero-Frias, Xavier
1Maldives : country overviewRomero-Frias, Xavier
1999The Maldives islanders, a study of the popular culture of an ancient ocean KingdomRomero-Frias, Xavier
2015-05The Maldives where such an unknown place back then : nils finn munch-petersen, a true pioneerRomero-Frias, Xavier
2013-01-01Mas huni and masrihaRomero-Frias, Xavier
2008-08The might lhos tree of MaldivesRomero-Frias, Xavier
1Muraiduganduar Ali Manikfan : the man who loves nature from minicoyRomero-Frias, Xavier
2014-08-06Nadalla takuruRomero-Frias, Xavier
2013On the role of food habits in the context of the identity and cultural heritage of south and south east AsiaRomero-Frias, Xavier
2005-12-09Open letter to maldivians : the maldives from charybdis to scylla?Romero-Frias, Xavier; ޒެވިއަރ ރޮމޭރޯ ފްރިއާސް; Naazneen, Aishath; އައިޝަތު ނާޒްނީން
2015-05A passion to preserve the "Dhivehi civilization of the maldives"Romero-Frias, Xavier
2015-05A passion to preserve the "dhivehi civilization of the maldives"; the work of Bernard KoechlinRomero-Frias, Xavier; ޒެވިއަރ ރޮމޭރޯ ފްރިއާސް
2011-09-18The ribaa in Fua MulakuRomero-Frias, Xavier
2016Rules for Maldivian trading ships travelling abroad (1925) and a sojourn southern CeylonRomero-Frias, Xavier