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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08-01G.Dh Vaadhoo : island study 2017Sujeeth, Ahmed; Ilyas, Ahmed; Jinah, Aminath Lamha; Fazeel, Shafra Ahmed; Althof, Mohamed
2017-08-01G.Dh. Vaadhoo : local profile & strategic planShiyaz, Ismail; Rafeeu, Ismail; Akmal, Usman; Hathim, Ahmed; Maasa, Fathimath; Zuhoor, Fathimath Zaha
2017-08-01G.Dh. Vaadhoo : strategic planAfzal, Aishath Shadhny; Ahulam, Aishath; Hussain, Mohamed Sobah; Waheed, Mohamed; Humaam, Ali; Hassan, Ali Akbar
2015-01-01Gaps and disincentives that exist in the policies, laws and regulations which act as barriers to investing in climate change adaptation in the tourism sector of the Maldives: Increasing Climate Change Resilience of Maldives through Adaptation in the Tourism SectorShakeela, Aishath; Becken, Susanne; Johnstone, Nicole
2002-11-01Geethan jalee 73 : tharujamaakoafaivaa lhenmugebaiDhivehi bahaaai Thareekhah khidhumaikuraa Qaumee Marukazu
2012-04Gender Actionsވޯރލްޑް ބޭންކް ގްރޫޕް; World Bank Group
2000-01-01Gender and the development in the Maldives : a review of twenty years : 1979 - 1999Razee, Husna
2004-09-01Gender based violence in the Maldives: what we know so far : a report on the findings of qualitative research on GBV carried out by the Ministry of Gender, Family Development and Social Security in 2004Fulu, Emma
2016-08-23Gender equality act : unofficial translation : act Number: 18/2016-
2019-12Gendered Laws : Policy Research Working Paper 9080Hyland, Marie; Djankov, Simeon; Goldberg, Pinelopi Koujianou
2020-12Gendered Laws and Women in the WorkforceHyland, Marie; Djankov, Simeon; Goldberg, Koujianou
2020-05-30Genetic epidemiology of beta-thalassemia in the Maldives: 23 years of a beta-thalassemia screening programMustafaa, Ibrahim; Firdousa, Naila; Shebld, Fatma M.; Shic, Zumin; Saeeda, Mariya; Zahira, Zileena; Zayedb, Hatem
2008Getting a Grip on Climate Change in the Philippines OverviewWorld Bank Group
2020-06-10Getting practical with causal mechanisms : the application of process-tracing under real-world evaluation constraintsRaimondo, Estelle
2009-09Ghost doctors : absenteeism in rural Bangladeshi health facilitiesChaudhury, Nazmul; S. Hammer, Jeffrey
2019-06Global annual results report 2018 : gender equalityUNICEF; ޔުނިސެފް
2019-06Global annual results report 2018 : goal area 1 : every child survives and thrivesUNICEF; ޔުނިސެފް
2019-06Global annual results report 2018 : goal area 2 : every child learnsUNICEF; ޔުނިސެފް
2019-06Global annual results report 2018 : goal area 3 : every child is protected from violence and exploitationUNICEF; ޔުނިސެފް
2019-06Global annual results report 2018 : goal area 4 : every child lives in a safe and clean environmentUNICEF; ޔުނިސެފް