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dc.contributor.authorHussain, Firdous-
dc.identifier.citationHussain, F. (2017). First EIA addendum to environmental impact assessment for the proposed residential area and airport area reclamation project, Shaviyani atoll, Maldives. Male': Maldivesen_US
dc.description.abstractThis is the first Addendum to the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed residential area and airport area reclamation project in Funadhoo, Shaviyani Atoll. The project is proposed by Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure and Regional Airports Authority of Maldives. Following the addendum application, a Scoping Meeting for EIA addendum was held on 14th November 2017 where main issues related to the proposed change were discussed. This EIA addendum report aims to assess the issues highlighted in Terms of Reference (ToR) agreed between EPA and proponent. Furthermore, it is to fulfil the requirement of the Environmental Protection and Preservation Act of the Maldives (Law No. 4/93).An EIA was undertaken for this project on March 2017 by CDE which has explained and justified the project. Bund wall construction of airport reclamation area was initially started by another party before the project was contracted with MTCC on 15th October 2017 for a value of USD 3.4 million. The scope agreed between MTCC and regional airports is the reclamation of airport construction area together with 600m rock boulder revetment proposed for the same area. The first EIA addendum to the residential and airport area reclamation project is proposed to incorporate 3 main changes to the initial EIA. They are; - Proposed change to airport area reclamation plan - Proposed change to the shore protection length in airport area - Confirmation of sand borrow areas. The main reason for changing the reclamation plan is to reduce the project cost by decreasing the reclamation volume and shore protection length. The plan proposed in the EIA for reclamation was estimated to require a fill volume of 825,500.0cbm unlike the addendum plan which estimates 445,250cbm. Reclamation area decreased from 33ha to around 21.18ha whereas the height is still maintained at +1.5 at MSL. Shore protection length has been decreased to 1060.0m from 1,860.0m. Excavation for sourcing the fill material will be undertaken from deep sea by a TSHD brought by the contractor which is currently in Maldives. An area of about 450ha has been surveyed from 3-7km west of Funadhoo to identify a suitable sand borrow area. It was estimated that the surveyed borrow site can provide enough reclamation material of suitable grade. Compared to a CSD, excavation by TSHD cause less harm to the marine environment as excavation will be from deep sea where there are no live corals. Environmental impacts of the proposed change were assessed for the reclamation stage as a separate EIA will be undertaken for airport development. The main negative environmental impact of the project is identified to be the movement and settlement of sediment on the reef during sand pumping. However, impacts due to excavation will be almost negligible as sand borrow areas are located in deep sea around 3-7km away from Funadhoo where there is no coral grouth. Effective impact mitigation measures are to be taken during reclamation. Sand bunds will be constructed around the reclamation area before the beginning of sand pumping to reduce the impacts due to turbidity and sedimentation. In addition to this, it is strongly recommended to adhere to the mitigation measures proposed in the initial EIA which is sufficient for the project. Environment monitoring program discussed in the initial EIA is sufficient and should be followed. In an economical point of view, the proposed changes to the project are favoured. However, reclamation is seen to require additional protection.en_US
dc.subjectExisting environmenten_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental impactsen_US
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dc.titleFirst EIA addendum to environmental impact assessment for the proposed residential area and airport area reclamation project, Shaviyani atoll, Maldivesen_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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