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dc.identifier.citationSandcays. (2011). Environmental assessment on proposed beach nourishment and environmental audit on desalination and power generation activities, Vakarufalhi Island Resort, South Ari Atoll, Maldives. Male': Maldivesen_US
dc.description.abstractThis report is on two components including an environmental audit on existing desalination and power generation facilities and environmental impact assessment of proposed beach nourishment in Vakarufalhi Island Resort. The audit addresses the environmental concerns of the existing desalination plant and power generation facilities in Vakarufalhi Island resort. The primary objective of the audit exercise is to renew desalination plant registration. Having an environmental clearance statement is a requirement the registration of desalination plants. There is one seawater desalination plant with daily production capacity 300m3 in which feed water intake and brine concentrate discharge is on the eastern side of the island. The overall performance of the desalination plant in Vakarufalhi Island Resort is adequate and acceptable. The electrical conductivity of product water was found at 50μS/cm and no coliforms were detected from product water. The groundwater quality in terms of salinity was found at 1,700μS/cm (considered as measure of salinity); this shows the aquifer is normal. Total estimated area of proposed beach filling is at 3,140m2 with an estimated volume of sand to be filled at 4,710m3. This estimation is based on the existing beach condition at the time this survey was undertaken. A monitoring program has been outlined at the end of the report which can be implemented for environmental quality improvement and informed decision making. In particular of water quality monitoring and daily log maintenance at plant site. The overall performance of the seawater desalination facility and powerhouse in Vakarufalhi Island Resort is at adequate and acceptable condition. Key aspects of the operations are in compliance to desalination plant registration regulations in Maldives. Noise emissions meet the requirements of Maldives Energy Authority and acceptable standards. The overall environmental impacts of the proposed beach nourishment indicated that there continuous beach nourishment at Vakarufalhi does not have major adverse impacts on the environment as far as current knowledge is concerned. Given that the project has major socio-economic benefits and some environmental benefits, it is advisable to allow the project to proceed as proposed. It is also recommended to continue to monitor the impacts of the proposed project by regular monitoring of shorelines, beach profiles and nearshore currents for at least two years and communicate and feed the data into the EIA system in the country.en_US
dc.subjectBeach nourishmenten_US
dc.subjectPower generation facilitiesen_US
dc.subjectLegislative and regulatory considerationsen_US
dc.subjectPhysical environmenten_US
dc.subjectBiological environmenten_US
dc.subjectWork environmenten_US
dc.subjectMarine environmenten_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental impactsen_US
dc.subjectMitigation measuresen_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental monitoringen_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental impact assessmentsen_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental auditen_US
dc.titleEnvironmental assessment on proposed beach nourishment and environmental audit on desalination and power generation activities, Vakarufalhi Island Resort, South Ari Atoll, Maldivesen_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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