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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01Knowledge is wisdom? : observations from primary classrooms in the MaldivesFittel, David
2014-06-01Knowledge is wisdom? : observations from primary classrooms in the MaldivesFittell, David
2014-06Knowledge of general public and diabetic patients about diabetes and the importance of taking medications among adults agedއިބްރާހީމް ނިޒާމް; Nizam, Ibrahim
2015-11Knowledge, attitude and practice about fever among the age group 18-60 years in GA. Gemanafushiމުޙައްމަދު އިމްރާން; Imran, Mohamed
2015-11-01Knowledge, attitude and practice about self-medication among university students in Male’Sameera, Mariyam
2016-11knowledge, attitude and practice of breakfast of teenage students in N. Maafaru SchoolJuaza, Aminath
2013-11Knowledge, attitude and practice of dengue fever among the residence of Rasdhoo, north ari atoll, Maldivesއިނާޔާ މޫސާ; Moosa, Inaya
2016-11Knowledge, attitude and practice of family planning among the married women of N. Manadhoo age between 18-49Ahmed, Aishath Hamdha
2016-11Knowledge, attitude and practice of improper waste management among the people of Male’ cityމަރިޔަމް ޔުމްނާ މުޙައްމަދު; Mariyam Yumna Mohamed
2014-06-30Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding the rational use of medicines in H Dh Vaikaradhoo, MaldivesAsfaan, Adam
2014-06The knowledge, attitude and practice regarging(regarding) the use of oral contraceptive pills among the ever married women in H.Dh.KumundhooAdam, Ali; އަލީ އާދަމް
2016-11knowledge, attitude and practice towards energy drinks among youth in Male’ city between the ages of 15 to 34 yearsMuneer, Aishath
2015-10-01Knowledge, attitude and practice towards hepatitis B among the residents in Dhaandhoo island, MaldivesKamal, Raoof
2016-06-01Knowledge, attitude and practice towards road traffic regulation among youth in Hulhumale’Saeed, Jaadhulla
2014-11-30Knowledge, attitude and practices of teachers regarding disability among students in 10 government schools of Male’.Shaukath, Aishath Mohamed
2014-06-02Knowledge, attitude and screening of lung cancer among men of ADh.Dhangethi between the ages 30 to 50 yearsShihan, Ahmed
2016-06-01Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards consumption of fast food among fhs students of Maldives National University.Adam, Aminath
2022-01-01KPA findings reports : environmental knowledge, attitude and practices survey in Laamu atoll 2022Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology
2018Kuni nahthaalun : saafu avahah toolkitThe Organic Organization
2019-07Kyrgyz Republic : joint world bank-IMF debt sustainability analysis : July 2019World Bank; International Monetary Fund