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Title: Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding the rational use of medicines in H Dh Vaikaradhoo, Maldives
Authors: Asfaan, Adam
Keywords: Rational use of medicines
KAP survey
irrational use of medicine
community knowledge
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2014
Publisher: Faculty of Health Sciences
Citation: Asfaan, A. (2014). Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding the rational use of medicines in H Dh Vaikaradhoo, Maldives. Faculty of Health Sciences, Male', Maldives.
Abstract: Irrational use of medicines is a harmful and wasteful global health problem. In order to overcome from the problem, it is very important to know the community’s knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding the rational use of medicines. There was no study conducted a KAP survey regarding the rational use of medicines in anywhere of the Maldives. The purpose of this study is to obtain the knowledge, attitude and practice regarding the rational use of medicines in HDh Vaikaradhoo. A survey-based cross-sectional study was conducted among the 104 households of Vaikaradhoo by using selfdeveloped pretested questionnaire. The results of the study were expressed as counts and percentages. Most of the respondents were aware about the expiry dates of medicines (83.7%) and importance of compliance of medicines, same generic content of medicine is available under different names, that medicine is needed for every illness (65.4%), that costlier medicines are better than cheaper medicines (71.2%), 38.5% of respondents seek advice to take medicines after doctor consultation. 63.5% of respondents to take missed dose once they remember, 73.1% of respondents used to throw the left-over medicines, and 67.3% of the respondents dispose both expired and non-expired medicines, 48.1% of medicines that stored in households of Vaikaradhoo were stored in Cupboard/Drawer. In conclusion, although the majority of the surveyed respondents had adequate knowledge, positive attitude and practice, there are some respondents who were unaware about the rational medicines use; they need to be educated by adopting suitable interventions.
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