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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-04Tajikistan: Economic and Distributional Impact of Climate Changeވޯރލްޑް ބޭންކް ގްރޫޕް; World Bank Group
2017-10Tanzania Climate Technology Innovation Program Report on Drones-as-a-Service Business Incubation Program in Tanzaniaވޯރލްޑް ބޭންކް ގްރޫޕް; World Bank Group
2019-08Teachers’ perceptions on differentiated instruction: do experience, qualification and challenges matter?Shareefa, Mariyam; Moosa, Visal; Zin, Rohani Mat; Abdullah, Nor Zaiham Midawati; Jawawi, Rosmawijah; މަރިޔަމް ޝަރީފާ
2009-12-20Technical assistance to bait fisheries monitoring : final reportAnderson, R. Charles; ރ. ޗާރލްސް އެންޑާރސަން
2019Technology for development report : accelerating results for children with technology and digital innovationUNICEF; ޔުނިސެފް
2014-12-01Technology in the classroom : helpful or harmful?Cleaver, Samantha
2007Telling our story : innovating for global impactވޯރލްޑް ބޭންކް ގްރޫޕް; World Bank Group
2017-08-01Th. Madifushi : site analysisFiraq, Abdulla; Ameen, Adam; Mujaahid, Ahmed; Samir, Ahmed; Abdulla, Aminath; Rasheedha, Aminath; Madhih, Ali; Hassan, Asif; Fawzy, Fayyah; Azan, Hassan; Ibrahim, Hussen; Wajeeh, Ali; Nadheem, Ibrahim; Ameen, Ismail; Suhaila, Mariyam; Waheed, Moosa; Zubair, Mudhafiu
2019-06Thailand : financial sector assessment program : technical note : funded pension systemWorld Bank Group; International Monetary Fund
2015-01-01Thalassaemia prevention in Maldives: effectiveness of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention interventionsWaheed, Fazeela
2021-02The-Causal-Effects-of-Long-Term-PM2-5-Exposure-on-COVID-19-in-Indiaވޯރލްޑް ބޭންކް ގްރޫޕް; World Bank Group
2019-05The-Economics-of-Sustainability-Causes-and-Consequences-of-Energy-Market-Transformationވޯރލްޑް ބޭންކް ގްރޫޕް; World Bank Group
2021-03The-Evolving-Socioeconomic-Impacts-of-COVID-19-in-Four-African-Countriesވޯރލްޑް ބޭންކް ގްރޫޕް; World Bank Group
2014The-Human-Capital-Project-and-Climateވޯރލްޑް ބޭންކް ގްރޫޕް; World Bank Group
2019The-National-Strategy-on-Financial-Education-for-Zambia-2019-2024ވޯރލްޑް ބޭންކް ގްރޫޕް; World Bank Group
2021-01The-Technology-Employment-Trade-Off-Automation-Industry-and-Income-Effectsވޯރލްޑް ބޭންކް ގްރޫޕް; World Bank Group
2018-03-01Thematic analysis on youth in the Maldives : based on 2014 population and housing census dataDemmke, Andreas
2016-12-12Thinadhoo : revolution, bloodbath & peachޒޫޝަން އަލީ; Zueshan, Ali
2016-05Third addendum to the environmental impact assessment for the proposed Hulhulé-Malé bridge projectCDE Consulting
2019Three nos green house structures in the Republic of Maldives for the Ministry of Fisheries, Agriculture and Marine Resources : maintenance manual and AS built drawingsMinistry of Fisheries, Agriculture and Marine Resources