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Title: Addendum III to environmental impact assessment for the development of a 200 bed tourist hotel on G. Dh. Magudhdhuvaa
Authors: Systems Engineering and Marine Consulting
Keywords: Tourist Hotels
Harbor basin
Jetty enlargement
Environmental impacts
Environmental impact assessment
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2010
Citation: Systems Engineering and Marine Consulting. (2010). Addendum III to environmental impact assessment for the development of a 200 bed tourist hotel on G. Dh. Magudhdhuvaa. Male': Maldives
Abstract: Since the beginning of the construction phase of the 200 bed resort project by Ahmet Aydeniz Pvt. Ltd. authorized by the MHTE (MEEW at the time) through a decision note (88-ES/NIMAG/ 2008/3), a number of issues have arose and a number of changes in the site plan have been made. Since some of these have an implication in terms of environmental impacts, MTDC, Ahmet Aydeniz Pvt. Ltd. and the environmental consultant were notified during a meeting with EPA that an amendment to the initial EIA should be submitted to get an authorization for these new developments. The present addendum is the third for this project, and deals with three major issues: - Due to a mis-location in the opening of the reef for the unloading area during construction works, the harbor shape has to be changed slightly to avoid a second opening in the reef crest on the eastern side - 13 additional bungalows have been granted by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, and located on the eastern side of the island - The jetty on the northern side of the island will be enlarged to allow for a refreshment area The present addendum III first presents the changes brought about in the design, followed by a discussion on the environmental consequences of these changes. A summary table giving the pros and cons of the changes is finally given before concluding on the environmental appropriateness of the changes.
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