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Title: Environmental impact assessment for the construction and implementation of a pump station and sewerage outfall in Hulhumale’
Authors: Water Solutions
Keywords: Sewerage outfall
Water surface currents
Bathymetric surveys
Biotic marine environment
Existing sanitation systems
Mitigation measures
Environmental monitoring plans
Water and wastewater regulations
Environmental Protection and Preservation Act
Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation 2007
Environmental impact assessments
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2010
Citation: Water Solutions. (2010). Environmental impact assessment for the construction and implementation of a pump station and sewerage outfall in Hulhumale’. Male': Maldives
Abstract: This report discusses the findings of an environmental impact assessment study undertaken by Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. upon request from Male’ Water and Sewerage Company Pvt. Ltd. (MWSC), hereafter referred to as ‘client’. The project involves the construction and implementation of an additional sewerage outfall and a pump station in Hulhumale’ and is the first phase of a sewer network for the Industrial area in Hulhumale’. The only existing sewerage outfall currently available has reached its maximum capacity. After the location approval for the sewerage outfall, the rest of the sewerage network will be planned. This EIA has been prepared to assess the social and environmental impacts of the sewage outfall pipe and the pump station. The major findings of this report are based on extensive literature review, experiences gained from similar field inspections and qualitative and quantitative assessments undertaken during site visits on 16th September, 6th October, 7th October and 17th October 2010. There, seawater and groundwater samples were taken, study sites were photographed and lagoon and reef studies were undertaken. Long term data were collected from available sources, such as long term data on meteorology and climate from global databases. Potential positive and negative impacts on the environment have been considered. During the construction phase, impacts are likely to be felt most intensively localized on the marine benthos in the lagoon and on reef slope in the form of suspension of sediments and generation of coral rubble while positioning the pipe and its anchor blocks. During operation, on the other hand, the impact of raw sewerage is expected to be felt in the marine environment for as long as sewage is discharged raw; however, monitoring is important to determine to which extent the environment will be harmed. The health of Hulhumale’ citizens and visitors using the eastern beach is of great concern in relation to a sewage outfall. Studying previous reports, we found an inconsistency of seawater quality results indicating contamination of the shallow recreational waters. Due to the unavailability of tests for Enterococci in the Maldives at this time, we were unable to determine whether contamination originates from the existing outfall or from the shedding of bathers and garbage disposed on the beach. A large‐scale study to determine the dispersion and impact of sewage is strongly recommended in order to ensure safe swimming conditions for the public. Based on impacts identified, appropriate mitigation plan and measures have been outlined. These measures reflect all aspects of the construction and the operational phases. Important measures that will be undertaken to minimize the damage on the environment include better pre‐planning during the construction phase and proper maintenance of the system during the operational phase among other measures. Alternative to the proposed project have also been discussed and examined, one of which is the implementation of sewage treatment for the future of Hulhumale’. This EIA has been produced in accordance with the EIA Regulations 2007, issued by the (former) Ministry of Environment, Energy and Water (now: Ministry of Housing and Environment) on preparing Environmental Impact Assessment studies.
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