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Title: Environment impact assessment study shoreline rehabilitation and protection measures at Sun Island Resort and Spa
Authors: Land and Marine Environmental Resources Group
Keywords: Construction phases and schedule for implementation
Construction materials and solid waste
Existing environment
Climate and oceanography
Marine environment
Issue Date: Feb-2011
Citation: Land and Marine Environmental Resources Group. (2011). Environment impact assessment study shoreline rehabilitation and protection measures at Sun Island Resort and Spa. Male': Maldives
Abstract: Sun Island Resort, owned by Villa Pte Ltd, Maldives is one of the largest resort hotels in the Maldives. The resort at large has a wide sandy beach around the island that is maintained by periodic beach replenishment works undertaken by the management of the resort. One of the main features for which the tourists visit Maldivian tourist resorts is the soft sandy beaches of the islands. Significant changes to the shoreline of Sun Island have been reported since 2006. Beach toe demarcation surveys carried out in 2006 and 2010 when compared show that the beach has receded several meters (reduction in beach width) especially on the northern side of the island. This report describes proposed coastal protection measures and their related environmental impacts. The shore rehabilitation works include about 800 meters length of beach replenishment in the northern side of the island, where erosion and beach loss has been most severe. With general reduction in beach area the entire northern side beach has receded from 0.3m to almost 20m as indicated by the beach toe surveys in 2006 and 2010 respectively. To ascertain a beach width of approximately 10m for the proposed length of 800m it is estimated that approximately 25000m3 of sand is required. This volume estimation was based on the beach profiles measured on the north beach face. The sand for the proposed beach fill will be burrowed from two specific locations; deepening of the existing harbor and a burrow area on the north eastern sandy lagoon. Dredging to work will be carried out by a cutter suction dredger of Model IHC Beaver 1600C or similar Environmental condition of the site in terms of near shore coastal hydrodynamics, bio physical condition of the reef has been carried in the context of proposed activities and their related impacts. Evaluation of the environmental condition of the site, the environmental condition at the site based on the hydrodynamic studies, physical environmental characteristic at the site with respect to the proposed activities and their magnitude lead to conclude that the proposed beach replenishment and coastal protection works at the specified areas can be carried out without significant environmental impacts. Environmental impacts of concern associated with the project are mainly sedimentation resulting from the dredging activities. Measures to minimize these impacts have been proposed. It is noted that the exact behavior of the beach after beach will and coastal protection works will be difficult to determine. Therefore a specific monitoring program has been proposed to ensure that appropriated timed shoreline surveys are carried out both before and after (at frequent intervals for appropriate time) so that such information is used for future replenishment works
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