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Title: Environmental impact assessment for the extension of service jetty, Malé Aerated Water Company, MAWC, Thulushdhoo – K. Malé
Authors: Adam, M. S.
Naseer, A.
Keywords: Jetty quaywall construction
Existing environment
Beach erosion
Developmental impacts
Mitigation measures
Environmental impact assessments
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Citation: Adam, M. S. and Naseer, A. (2010). Environmental impact assessment for the extension of service jetty, Malé Aerated Water Company, MAWC, Thulushdhoo – K. Malé. Male': Maldives
Abstract: 1. Malé Aerated Water Company is first to establish a bottling plant in the Maldives. Under the franchise agreement between Coca Cola® their bottling plant became operational in 1998. The plant is located in K. Thulusdhoo, North Malé Atoll on rented land from Government. Recently the volume of the production has increased and as a result the frequency and volume of the material that comes and goes from the plant has increased tremendously. The existing service jetty is small and is not designed to serve more than one boat at time. Presently MAWC uses shallow –draft barges for supply of its products to Malé. The amount of space on the quay wall is extremely limited and requires extending the present service jetty. 2. This EIA is related to the proposal for extension of the MAWC service jetty. MAWC has acquired 745 sq m (58 m beach line) of land adjacent to the existing service jetty. The land is leased for a period of the 10 years. The lease agreement was signed on 20 July 2009 between K. Atoll Office and MAWC. 3. It is proposed to construct a jetty quay-wall along the 58 m long beach line. Three options for construction of the quay wall were considered; concreted bags, placing pre fabricated concreted T-block (available from the newly formed Works Cooperation) and proper metal sheet piling. The developer has opted to use the concrete T-blocks to construct the quay wall. 4. Starting from the Customs Jetty to the existing MAWC jetty steel reinforced concreted T-blocks will be placed to ‘sheet-pile’ the place. The back will be filled with dredged material taken from the surrounding areas. A total of the 2,500 cubic meters of material will be required to fill the place and level the ground. 5. The material will be removed from the adjacent area. The area is shallow about -0.5m. The basin requires deepening to about -2.0 m. The required volume of material is not significant to have any noticeable impact to the area. Sedimentation is unavoidable during dredging works. But similar to many such projects, even in much larger projects involving dredging lasting weeks, the sediment plume is dispersed to negligible level almost immediately (2-3 days) when the dredging stops. 6. The construction works of this project will be contracted to professional contractors and the developer will ensure environmental standards are maintained, including the recommendation and mitigation measures identified in the EIA. The project is expected to complete in 3 months. 7. Stake holder consultations have been undertaken since 2006. The consultant also met the Island Chief and the Island Councilor. They have re-iterated the decision of the Island Committee and the implementation of the agreement made between the K. Atoll Office and MAWC 8. Under MAWC corporate social responsibility programme it has been proposed that northern section of the quay wall is to be used by the community especially the fishermen. At present there only the official jetty 9. It is proposed to monitor the beach in the northern north of the island for a period of 12 months following the proposed extension of the jetty. Beach width should be taken at 10 points along the beach every month. Depth measurements will need to be measured along the quay wall from MAWC jetty to the Customs jetty at 6 points replicating the baseline depth measurements collected as part of this assessment.
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