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Title: Environmental audit at Halaveli for the registration of existing desalination plant
Authors: Water Solutions
Keywords: Water supply infrastructure
Desalination plants
Reverse Osmosis
Ground water situation
Environmental performance and compliance
Mitigation measures
Legislative and regulatory considerations
Enviromental management and monitoring
Environmental audit
Issue Date: Feb-2011
Citation: Water Solutions. (2011). Environmental audit at Halaveli for the registration of existing desalination plant. Male': Maldives
Abstract: 1 Introduction The Ministry of Housing and Environment requires that desalination plants in the Maldives are registered. In order to carry out the registration process, environmental clearance is required from EPA. A decision statement regarding the Environmental Impact Assessment of the water infrastructure needs to be obtained from EPA. In order to provide such clearance EPA requires that an environmental audit be done for existing facilities. Environmental Protection Agency has decided that an Environmental Audit is required for the registration of desalination plant under the Desalination Regulation of the Maldives. 1 . 1 Aims and Objectives The objective of the report is to:  to assess the environmental performance of the existing desalination plant  to facilitate the application to register of existing desalination plant according to the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.  To demonstrate the commitment by the proponent to undertaken environmental monitoring.  To fulfill the obligations of the proponent to undertake an EIA under Clause 5 of the Environmental Protection and Preservation Act of the Maldives and requirements of the Tourism Regulations. 1 . 2 Environmental Audit Implementation This audit has been undertaken by a local environmental consulting firm, Water Solutions. Water Solutions have been chosen by the proponent as the environmental consultants for this project. The team members were:  Ahmed Jameel, Environmental Engineer (EIA Registration No: EIA 07/07)  Abdul Aleem, MPH, BSc. Environmental Health (EIA Registration No: EIA 09/07)  Mohamed Riyaz, Assistant Surveyor
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