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Title: Environmental impact assessment for the proposed paving of roads at Hithadhoo, Addu City
Authors: Water Solutions
Keywords: Road development projects
Road surfaces
Driving surfaces
Subsurface utilities
Constructional methodology
Existing environment
Mitigation measures
Environmental impact monitoring
Environmental impact assessments
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Citation: Water Solutions. (2011). Environmental impact assessment for the proposed paving of roads at Hithadhoo, Addu City. Male': Maldives
Abstract: This EIA report has been prepared to assess the environmental impacts of Paving of Ghazee Magu and Medhe‐aari Magu at Hithadhoo, Addu City on a request made from Southern Utilities Limited. This project is been financed by government of Maldives, executed by Ministry of Housing and Environment (MHE) and implemented by Southern Utilities Limited (SUL). Ghazee Magu was the main road that had been used in Hithadhoo before the Addu City Link Road was developed. The average width of the Ghazee Magu is 14 m. presently trees are planted in the centre of the road dividing the road into two sections. The road is an important infrastructure at Hithadhoo and the condition of the road becomes unbearable in rainy seasons when large sections of the roads get flooded. Due to the use of vehicles in rainy season, the condition of the road becomes deteriorate very quickly. The roads needs frequent maintenance and is being maintained by Southern Utilities Limited. The paving and improving the condition of the Ghazee Magu has always been a priority of the Government. As Addu City is preparing to host the SAARC Summit end of the year, it was decided to pave the Ghazee Magu and Medhe‐aari Magu. The Government of Maldives requested Southern Utilities Limited to design and built these roads in time for the SAARC Summit. Southern Utilities Limited started the design work for the road in consultation with the Ministry of Housing and Environment, South Province Office and Addu Atoll Council. A number of concept designs was made and presented to the stakeholders. The Ghazee Magu and Medhe‐aari Magu is proposed to be developed as a road having a asphalt driving surface, with pavements, trees and parking on either side of the road. Allowance for utility services are provided on either side of the road. A significant short term negative impacts of the project will be resulting from the removal of the existing trees in the centre of the road. The removal of these trees would be one of the first activities that would be implemented in the project. The mobilisation for the project is expected to start in April 2011 on issuing the decision statements from EPA. A detail project schedule will be available once the contract is awarded and the contractor will be required to submit a detail project schedule. The project is expected to be completed in October 2011. The backfilling of the areas where trees would be removed and levelling of the road would be undertaken using fill materials borrowed from lagoon on eastern side of the island. It is estimated that 31,500 m³ of sand need to be borrowed for the levelling work. All activities of the project need to be closely monitored by site supervisors to be identified by MHE, EPA and SUL. This is mainly to avoid any environment issues during the implementation of the project. A close relationship and open communication will be established to avoid any future disagreements and social issues during execution of the project work with the community. This report will highlight major findings and predicted impacts of the proposed road development at Hithadhoo, Addu City. The report is developed in consultation with project proponent, members from the beneficiary and host community, and in accordance with Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation issued by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Water in May 2007.
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