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Title: Environmental impact assessment for the proposed concept change in Vagaru, Shaviyani Atoll, Maldives
Authors: Water Solutions
Keywords: Construction projects
Existing coastal environment
Constructional impacts
Operational impacts
Mitigation measures
Environmental monitoring
Environmental impact assessments
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Citation: Water Solutions. (2011). Environmental impact assessment for the proposed concept change in Vagaru, Shaviyani Atoll, Maldives. Male': Maldives
Abstract: This report discusses the findings of an environmental impact study undertaken by Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. upon request from Vagaru holdings Pvt Ltd to assess the impact of the proposed concept change in Vagaru. The project involves bringing some modifications to the original concept for Vagaru. Vagaru island has been under construction since 2006 and over the past 4 to 5 years, the change in the hotel operator has created the need to bring some concept changes in order to align with the new operators requirements. Most of these proposed modifications do not involve any physical alteration of the environment. However, some components of the change do involve physical alteration of the environment. Environmental impacts of the proposed project have been identified as resulting mainly from the construction of the new additional water villas and from the creation of the entrance channel. In view of the assessment, the environmental damage to marine resources have not been considered major from the water villa construction as this area has already sustained a lot of damage over the course of the construction. However, the impact of creating the channel has been considered significant. Mitigation measures for these anticipated impacts have been identified and outlined in the report, including sedimentation control methods and other measures. These mitigation measures will have to be followed in order to minimize environmental damage. In this project, it is inevitable that there would be negative environmental impacts. However, these negative impacts are applicable only for some of the proposed changes. Therefore, it appears justified from a technical and from a developmental point of view, to carry out the proposed modification project in light of the existing and future needs of the developer.
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