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Title: Environmental impact assessment for coastal modification works at Robinson Club Maldives, Funamaudua, GA. Atoll
Authors: Land and Marine Environmental Resources Group
Keywords: Coastal modification
Geo-bag revetment
Legislative and regulatory considerations
Existing environment
Climatology and oceanography
Marine surveys
Constructional impacts
Mitigation measures
Environmental monitoring program
Environmental impact assessments
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Citation: Land and Marine Environmental Resources Group. (2013). Environmental impact assessment report for resort development at Kudavillingili, Kaafu Atoll. Male': Maldives
Abstract: The non-technical summary outlines the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed construction of geo-bag revetment structure at Robinson Club Maldives (GA. Funamaudua). The proponent of the proposed project is Robinson Club Maldives. The total estimated cost of this project is USD 1.5 million. The proposed project involves the construction of a 215 m long geo-bag revetment structure on the northwestern side of the island from the deck area of the main restaurant up to the jetty to the water villas. The project also involves maintenance dredging work at the entrance and channel on the southwestern side of the island and removal of tombolo formed near the service islet. Impacts on the environment from various activities of the construction work and during the operation of the facility have been identified through interviews with the project management team, field data collection and surveys and are also based on past experience of consultant in similar development projects. The impacts identified are also described according to their location, extent and characteristics. Mitigation measures have also been identified for impacts which are irreversible in nature. Impact analysis was done using the Leopold matrix. The main impacts foreseen for the construction phase are the impacts on marine environment and habitat in terms of loss of habitat, disturbance to lagoon bottom and reef flat area and sedimentation impacts. However, these impacts are expected to be minor to moderate at the entrance channel. Sedimentation impacts due to both maintenance dredging at entrance channel and revetment bed leveling works are also envisaged to the minor to moderate due to low live coral cover at the areas and small scale of work. During the operational stage, the small islet is expected to be a cause of formation of future tombolo. Therefore shoreline monitoring is one of the key mitigation measures recommended in the report. Positive impacts due to the project are expected to be beach formation due to accretion of sand by natural process as a result of the gradual slope of new revetment structure. Alternatives have been considered for various components of the project and are given as possible options that may be either more practical or less expensive to the preferred options. The proposed alternatives also have taken into consideration the environmental consequences resulting from these options as compared to the preferred options. The following components of the project have been discussed in providing their alternatives;  Coastal protection method  Design and materials used for construction of revetment structure  Method of excavation  Burrow area location The no-project scenario is also considered, which would mean that all environmental impacts due to the project would no longer be an issue. However, given that impacts to the environment due to the project are minor to moderate, this option is not seen as a feasible option, as the benefits to the proponent in terms of environmental advantages (control of current erosion issues due to presence of tombolo) and financial advantages (currently, damage to restaurant deck area makes it unsafe for guest use) from the continuation of the project, outweigh the impacts on the environment due to the implementation of the project. Details of the various alternatives considered and the selected alternatives are shown in Section 9 of the report.
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