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Title: Addendum to environmental impact assessment for the reclamation at Guriadhoo, Thaa Atoll
Authors: Water Solutions
Keywords: The project
Policy, legal and administrative framework
Existing environment
Analysis of alternatives
Environmental impacts
Environmental management monitoring
Issue Date: Feb-2014
Citation: Water Solutions. (2014). Addendum to environmental impact assessment for the reclamation at Guriadhoo, Thaa Atoll. Male': Maldives
Abstract: This report discusses the findings of an environmental study undertaken as an Addendum to the Environmental Impact Assessment carried out for the reclamation project at Guraidhoo Island, Thaa Atoll. This environmental study has been undertaken by Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for the changes that had been brought to the scope of the reclamation protect at Th. Guraidhoo. The reclamation project is proposed by Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure. Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure is the government institution which undertakes key infrastructure development projects in the country. Reclamation projects are one of the main infrastructure projects undertaken by the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure. The developer is proposing to change the method of borrowing sand for reclamation using cutter suction dredging from hopper suction dredging and adding additional 20 hectares to the reclamation project proposed to the island. These changes have been brought to reduce the cost of the project by utilising available technologies in the Maldives. This EIA Addendum report has identified that the major impacts of the project will be felt on the marine environment since borrow area would be located in the lagoon of the island. Impacts on the marine environment will be felt through sedimentation and siltation caused by the dredging activity in the lagoon and the associated indirect impacts on the coral reef, during this period. Baseline data has been collected and report in the EIA report. Impact on the marine environment will be identified through the monitoring. This will be reported in follow up monitoring reports. The most significant impact will be felt on the lagoon bottom, rather than the coral reef. Alternatives to the project have also been considered in detail and several alternatives to the proposed project were considered, including alternative area to borrow sand. An alternative would be use a hopper suction dredger to borrow sand from the atoll lagoon floor. But this option has not been considered due to high cost factor. An alternative area to borrow using cutter suction dredger would be southern side of the island. But reaching this area would be difficult for the cutter suction dredger. Towards, the end of the report, a monitoring programme has been suggested which mainly covers the marine environment. These include coral cover and marine water quality among many other parameters. As the impacts are felt on the marine environment, it is important to undertake this monitoring.
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