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Title: Environmental impact assessment for proposed costal protection works in S. Hulhudhoo, Addu City, Maldives
Authors: Zuhair, Mohamed
Fathah, Mariyam Shujaa Ath A.
Shareef, Mohamed
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2017
Citation: Zuhair, M., Fathah, M. S. A. A., & Shareef, M. (2017). Environmental impact assessment for proposed costal protection works in S. Hulhudhoo, Addu City, Maldives. Male': Maldives.
Abstract: 1. The purpose of this EIA is to critically analyse and assess the potential environmental impacts associated with the construction of revetment at the eastern coast of S. Hulhudhoo and associated dredging of burrow area and expose the solutions and preferred alternatives as well as mitigation measures to minimize any negative impacts whilst trying to derive the maximum positive impacts from the project; 2. The study area, Hulhudhoo, lying on the outer reef of the southernmost Atoll of Maldives, is exposed to southern swell waves and refracted south west monsoon sea waves. As a result of the swell waves, a large area of the shoreline on the eastern side in Hulhudhoo has been eroded. The extend of erosion is about 1 km north of the existing seawall. This seawall was constructed in the year 2008 and is in need of repair. Evidently, shoreline protection on this island is required immediately, especially since human settlement area is very close to this affected area. The closest residential area to the eroded area is only about 50 ft. 3. Proposed project involves dredging of a lagoon area at the western side of this island at the access channel area to source fill material for the revetment construction and for back filling purposes; 4. A full baseline of seawater quality and marine environment was established at the proposed burrow area as well as the revetment area. Marine environment study showed that both the areas were abundant with seagrass communities; 5. Dredging of burrow area is expected to cause degradation of the marine environment due to sediment stir up and loss of marine habitat whereas impacts on the revetment area is mainly due to reclamation/backfilling works; 6. Proposed mitigation measures include daily maintenance of machinery, following chemical handling procedures, waste segregation and storage in closed labelled containers until disposal; 7. Overall, the proposed project is expected to bring in positive outcomes. It is expected that the newly established revetment will bring an end to erosion of eastern coast of Hulhudhoo and improve shore zone configuration as well; and 8. Monitoring is essential to ensure that environmental thresholds are not exceeded and mitigation measures proposed are working. Water quality and marine environment monitoring shall be done as per the proposed monitoring schedule
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