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Title: First addendum to the environment impact assessment prepared for the proposed Hulhule’-Male’ bridge project
Authors: CDE Consulting
Keywords: Bridge projects
Legislative and regulatory considerations
Existing environment
Existing natural and biological environment
Constructional impacts
Socio-economic impacts
Mitigation measures
Environmental management plan
Environmental monitoring plan
Environmental impact assessments
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Citation: CDE Consulting. (2016). First addendum to the environment impact assessment prepared for the proposed Hulhule’-Male’ bridge project. Male': Maldives
Abstract: The purpose of this document is to assess the potential environmental impacts and mitigation measures for the proposed changes to the Hulhulé-Malé Bridge project. This document is an addendum to the original Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) prepared for the Bridge project in November 2015. The proponent of this project is Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure. The main changes to the project includes expansion of the work site in Malé, and the addition two concrete batching to the project work site in Malé. The main rationale for these changes is to speed up the project, and to reduce the project costs. The study area for the purpose of the addendum is the project work site in Male’ and Hulhumale’. The baseline conditions of the site are largely based on the original EIA documents. Additional information on major changes to the environment is provided where appropriate. The proposed developments are generally in conformance to the laws and regulations of the Maldives. The key impacts from the proposed changes are due to site clearance of Male’ worksite and operation of batching plants at Male’ worksite. The clearance of the proposed expanded work site requires removal of hundreds of trees. Trees will be relocated where possible. Impacts from the operation of the batching plants include high noise levels, loss of visual amenity and specific impacts related to the wastewater disposal. Significant impacts on the natural environment include impacts on terrestrial ecology from the site clearance of the expanded worksite. Hundreds of trees may potentially need to be removed or relocated. Further impacts on natural environment include impacts on marine ecology due to disposal of wastewater from the batching plants. Social impacts from the additional components include high noise levels from the operation of batching plants and loss of visual amenity. A number of mitigation measures are proposed for the most significant impacts from the project. These include testing and monitoring of wastewater quality before disposal, limiting hours of batching plants operation to daytime and use of fences or walls to prevent transmission of dusts. Alternatives have been proposed for wastewater disposal methods, waste water dispose location, location of the batching plants and alternative location for Male’ worksite. Options for wastewater disposal methods include direct disposal of wastewater via the existing sewerage network, direct disposal into sea, and reuse of wastewater after passing through a settling tank and after treatment. The last option is identified as the most ecologically preferred option, however, the option may not be feasible due to significantly high cost. This report is prepared in accordance to the technical guidelines and EIA regulations, prepared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the terms of reference issued by the EPA for this EIA addendum.
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