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Title: Addendum to environmental impact assessment for the Male’ west coast re-development project
Authors: Musthafa, Amir
Keywords: West coast redevelopment project
Existing environment
Existing physical environment
Legislative and regulatory considerations
Environmental impacts
Mitigation measures
Environmental monitoring
Environmental impact assessments
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Citation: Musthafa, A. (2016). Addendum to environmental impact assessment for the Male’ west coast re-development project. Male': Maldives
Abstract: This is the First Addendum to the approved main EIA prepared for the redevelopment of the Male’ west coast area. The main EIA was approved on 10th September 2015. The proponent of the project is Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure. This addendum is based on the proposed transplantation of 70 young coconut palms from K. Kaashidhoo to the on going Male’ West Coast Development project. It is a legal requirement under the Amended EIA Regulation 2012 that EIAs/Addendums be prepared and approved for projects that may generate negative environmental impacts. This Addendum has been prepared as per the approved Terms of Reference (TOR) on 7 December 2015. The scope of this EIA involves studying the existing environmental condition of the proposed project areas and surrounding environment, identifying potential environmental impacts, propose environmental management and mitigation measures to minimize environmental impacts and propose an environmental monitoring plan. The palms are to be uprooted from the site for the proposed construction of jail and from households. This site for jail construction is at the western end of the island and is under the Jurisdiction of Maldives Correctional Services. It is envisaged that the project will have several socio-economic benefits. This includes providing a means of shelter and relaxation to the community in Male’ City, especially in the Maafannu district. Moreover, it would assist in alleviating the burden these large no. of trees had been causing the community in K. Kaashidhoo. From this perspective, the project can be regarded as means to balance the amenities in both communities. The economic benefits to the coconut tree owners from the sale of the coconut palms could also be considered as a direct positive impact. Furthermore, the Kaashidhoo council had committed to plant 2 trees for each palm that has been removed in more strategic locations in the island, where tree plantation is required. Negative impacts include the holes that would be left after the digging. It may become a public nuisance, although the area is seldom used by the community. As a mitigation measure, the holes would be filled with sand available onsite, without the need for dredging. Provisions such as monitoring are proposed to understand the overall impacts of the project over the long term. Therefore, considering the beneficial nature of the project for both communities, and minimum environmental impact that can be easily mitigated, it is proposed to proceed with the project. However, it is recommended to have proper monitoring in place to observe any future impacts that project may result in.
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