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Title: Environmental impact assessment for sheet piling in Hawks Land Thilafushi, Male Atoll
Authors: Wahhab, Mahfooz Abdull
Jaleel, Mohamed Ibrahim
Keywords: Project description
Project setting
Existing environment
stakeholder consultations
Significant environmental impacts and mitigation measures
Evaluation of alternatives
Monitoring program
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Citation: Wahhab, M. A. & Jaleel, M. I. (2017). Environmental impact assessment for sheet piling in Hawks Land Thilafushi, Male Atoll. Male': Maldives
Abstract: This report discusses the findings of the environmental impact assessment undertaken for the development of a new jetty by Hawks Corporation at Thilafushi. This EIA report is prepared in accordance with Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation 2012 and the subsequent amendments to the regulation. The Hawks Pvt. Ltd. (Proponent) Site (S4-027) located in the Industrial Island (Thilafushi) is positioned alongside the edge of the island facing the sea with a jetty of approximate width of 3m. Due to major problems the proponent faces due to the current jetty, a new jetty design has been proposed which would overcome these disadvantages, and benefit both Thilafushi Corporation Limited and proponent. Therefore, in order to overcome the aforementioned challenges, the proponent has proposed to carry out the project to the project to construct the new jetty. The major activities of the project include; dresdging and recalamation, sheet piling works and concrete works. The major impacts of the construction phase is envisaged to be impacts on air quality, noise pollution, vibration and disturbances due to operation of heavy machinery, impact on marine environment from turbidity, waste and chemical spillages. The main impact of operational phase is predicted to arise from the operation of the petrol shed on the newly constructed jetty. The mitigation measures proposed for the construction phase comprises of commencing the dredging and reclamation works slowly in order to give chance to mobile organism to escape, proper maintenance of machinery, restricting the movement of barges, adhering to proper waste management plans and procedures etc. The mitigations of the operational phase include regular maintenance of machinery, following proper oil/chemical handling procedures and staff training on emergency oil spill cleanup. An environmental monitoring plan was developed taking into consideration the impacts and mitigation measures to be implemented. The monitoring plan includes assessing the marine water quality, coastline and marine biodiversity. As every development project, there are envisaged negative environmental impacts due to the proposed project. However these could be reduced by establishing the mitigation measures and proper environmental monitoring. Therefore, considering the greater socioeconomic positive outcome of the project it is justifiable to carry out the works of the proposed project
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