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Title: Environmental impact assessment for the establishment of a water bottling plant at State Electric Company Limited (STELCO)
Authors: CDE Consulting
Keywords: Water bottling plant
Legislative and regulatory considerations
Existing physical environment
Existing natural and biological environment
Existing terrestrial environment
Existing marine environment
Existing socio-economic environment
Environmental impacts
Mitigation measures
Environmental management plan
Environmental monitoring plan
Environmental impact assessments
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Citation: CDE Consulting. (2016). Environmental impact assessment for the establishment of a water bottling plant at State Electric Company Limited (STELCO). Male': Maldives
Abstract: The purpose of this document is to fulfil the requirements to get necessary environmental clearance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to carry out the proposed ‘Establishment of a Water Bottling Plant Project’ at State Electric Company (STELCO), Male’. The proponent of this project is State Electric Company Limited (STELCO). This project mainly involves establishing a bottling plant on STELCO’s main premise in Male’ city with a production capacity of 6000 bottles per day. A prefabricated building has been assembled on site to house the bottling plant. The project will be using the existing desalination plant at STELCO. All project activities are in conformance to the laws and regulations of the Maldives, and relevant international conventions that Maldives is party to. The key laws and regulations applicable to this project are Environmental Protection and Preservation Act, Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation 2012, Hygiene Regulation for Food Establishments 2014 and Waste Management Regulation 2013. The proposed site for the installation of the bottling plant is located on the main premises allocated to STELCO on the southern end of Male’. Proposed project activities do not require any major alterations to the terrestrial and marine environment. The most significant impact from this project is the increase in plastic waste. The proponent is looking into the prospects of a recycling venture for their bottles to mitigate this impact. This project will generate new jobs in Male’, which is a significant positive impact. The main alternatives assessed for the project are alternative bottling materials and alternative site for establishing the bottling plant. “No project” option has also been considered and given the economic and environmental factors the best option would be to proceed with the project. Stakeholder consultations were conducted with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA). EPA’s main concern was to get the desalination plant of STELCO registered at EPA before starting the bottling process. MFDA did not have any major concerns but advised to carryout the necessary water quality assessments. The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for this project is designed to produce a framework for anticipated impacts, including practicable and achievable performance requirements and systems for monitoring, reporting and implementing corrective actions. In addition, provide evidence of compliance to legislation, policies, guidelines and requirements of relevant authorities. Monitoring plan is designed to assess any changes to the physical environment as well as operational aspects of the resort.
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