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Title: Environmental impact assessment for harbor extension works at Fares-Maathodaa, Gdh. Atoll
Authors: Land and Marine Environmental Resources Group
Keywords: Harbor development projects
Existing environment
Marine surveys
Existing socio-economic environment
Environmental impacts
Socio-economic impacts
Mitigation measures
Environmental monitoring program
Environmental impact assessments
Issue Date: Apr-2016
Citation: Land and Marine Environmental Resources Group. (2016). Environmental impact assessment for harbor extension works at Fares-Maathodaa, Gdh. Atoll. Male': Maldives
Abstract: Background The non-technical summary outlines the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed harbour extension works at Fares-Maathodaa, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. The proponent of the proposed project is Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure. The total estimated cost of this project is USD 843,060. The proposed project involves extension of the existing facility (which lies on the northern side of the island) by addition of 61m (along its length) to the eastern side of the facility. The project also involves construction of the main quay wall along the extension area and a sand bund breakwater along the outer boundary. Dredged material sourced will be disposed along the shoreline to the east of extension area. Key impacts, mitigation measures and alternatives Impacts on the environment have been considered for the constructional phase and post constructional phase of the project. These impacts have been identified through interviews with the project management team, field data collection and surveys and are also based on past experience of consultant in similar development projects. Impact analysis was done using the Leopold matrix. The impacts identified are described according to their location, probability of impact, magnitude, significance and duration. Mitigation measures have also been identified for impacts which are irreversible in nature. Impact analysis showed that the main impact due to the project was during the construction phase, due to dredging activity. This impact was also anticipated to be of low effect due to the location (shallow intertidal area with seagrass beds) and scale of project (even though loss of seagrass beds from project site is a permanent impact). Overall, impacts identified were found to be of low effect and restricted to the project site, with temporary effects. Positive impact due to the project is the availability of a bigger and more planned area (dedicated area for unloading and passenger use) for use by the numerous vessels of the island and those who visit the island. Mitigation measures are discussed in the report for potential impacts, such as limiting dredging activity to low tide phase to reduce possible sedimentation impacts. Detailed mitigation measures are discussed in Section 11 of the report. Given the scope of the project and need alternative has only been considered for the material to be used for breakwater construction and location of extension. The no-project scenario which was also considered, is not feasible, given the scope of project and associated impacts on environment which are which are mainly of low effect and short term. The benefits on continuation of project outweigh the impacts and hence the no-project scenario is not considered a feasible option. The Consultant feels that the project is feasible with proper implementation of the mitigation measures proposed to minimize the impact on the environment. Stakeholder Consultation Stakeholder consultation was undertaken with Island Council regarding the concept drawing formulated by MHI. The council stated that they require a side quay wall to be included in the eastern side and if excess dredged material is available back filling areas where erosion is observed. Based on the stakeholder consultation, MHI agreed to change the concept design to include a side quay wall at the eastern side. The revised final drawing is provided in Appendix 5 of this report.
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