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Title: Environmental management plan for the proposed development of Island Waste Management Center in TH. Vandhoo
Authors: Zuhair, Ahmed Hassaan
Keywords: Project description
Existing environment
Impact identification
Environmental monitoring
Mitigation measures
Issue Date: Sep-2017
Citation: Zuhair, A. H. (2017). Environmental management plan for the proposed development of Island Waste Management Center in TH. Vandhoo. Male': Maldives
Abstract: The proposed development of Island Waste Management Center (IWMC) in Th Vandhoo is funded by the Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) of the Government of Maldives. The aim of this project is to alleviate current waste management problems endured by the island community and thereby improve the overall environmental and public health condition of the island. The proposed IWMC will be developed in a 500 square meters’ area located in the South East side of the island. This site is at a considerable distance away from the residential population and vegetation line and meets the land allocation criteria of both Maldives Land and Survey Authority (MLSA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). At present, no major vegetation exists in the site except some scrubs. However, according to the information provided by the Island Council, 7 mature coconut palms and 3 mature trees (Alexandrian laurel) were previously present at the site. The Island Council has been undertaking land clearance works since 2015, as the site has been identified by the council to develop IWMC in 2015. An EPA declared environmentally sensitive mangrove area exists in the north western side of the island. However, this area is 400 meters away from the proposed IWMC and therefore, no negative impacts to this area are envisaged to occur as a result of the project. The project will provide basic infrastructure necessary to manage waste at island level and ensure composting is undertaken in the island. After completion of civil works, the IWMC will be operated by the Island Council in accordance to the Island Waste Management Plan. Training on composting for island level staffs and machinery such as, shredders, wood chippers and bottle crushers will be provided to facilitate adequate functioning of the IWMC. Waste that is not manageable at the island level will be stored and regularly transferred to a regional waste management facility (RWMF). All civil works of the project are expected to be completed within 6 months. Environmental impacts of the project were evaluated using the Rapid Impact Assessment Method (RIAM). Majority of the impacts envisaged for the project are highly positive. The project is expected to bring numerous economic benefits to the island community, in additional to the perceivable environmental and public health related benefits. The only permanent negative impact likely to occur as a result of the project is related to the removal of vegetation. However, the amount of vegetation clearance involved is minimal and therefore, if the mitigation measures proposed in this management plan are adhered, almost all the negative impacts can be brought to an acceptable level. The monitoring program proposed in the EMP will ensure the implementation of the mitigation measures and assist in the identification of unforeseen impacts throughout the project. Overall, the project is expected to provide significant socio-economic and environmental benefits for the local community.
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