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Title: Environmental impact assessment for proposed land clearance in Kudarikilu Island, Baa Atoll
Authors: އަހުމަދު އަންވަރު
Anwar, Ahmed
މެހެފޫޒް އަބުދުލް ވައްހާބު
Wahhab, Mahfooz Abdull
މުހައްމަދު އިބްރާހިމް ޖަލީލް
Jaleel, Mohamed Ibrahim
Issue Date: May-2017
Citation: Anwar, A., Wahhab, M. A. & Adam, R. (2017). Environmental impact assessment for proposed land clearance in Kudarikilu Island, Baa Atoll. Male': Maldives
Abstract: The secretariat of the Ba.kudarikilu Island Council proposes to clear the land adjacent to the existing football ground, in order to expand the existing football pitch to the standard size pitch. Another objective of the project is to develop grounds for other sports (volley ball, bashi ball and net ball courts) in one area of the island. A total of 125 coconut trees will be uprooted from the proposed land. Compensation for the coconut trees will be given to their owners. Coconut trees will uprooted from the ground will be transferred to the K.Olhahali resort for replanting. As a mitigation measure, island council will plant two trees in Kudarikilu Island for each tree that will be uprooted in the proposed project. The baseline environmental condition of the proposed project location as well as socio-economic environment of the Ba.Kudarikilu was conducted for which the environmental impacts and mitigation measures as well as the project alternatives are presented in this EIA. It was found that there is a great need for expanding the existing football pitch and develop new courts for other sports on the island, which is recognized as an important community need especially from the youth of the island. As a result of the proposed land clearance, most significant environmental impacts would be loss of vegetation especially coconut trees from the island vegetation. As a mitigation measure, Island council will plant two new trees in the Island for each tree planned to be removed in the proposed project. Careful measures will be taken while using the machinery to remove the vegetation to avoid or minimize any negative impact to the ground water table. And holes will be refilled and the ground will be leveled properly to minimize the risk of direct exposure of the groundwater. Environmental monitoring program was proposed in the report to carry out careful and meaningful mitigation measure to minimize any negative impacts from the project. Although there are some environmental impacts from the proposed project, the negative impacts can be minimized and mitigated by use of appropriate methodology. The effectiveness of these methodologies can be documented by implementing a comprehensive monitoring programme. Also, with positive socio-economic outlook of the project and the community needs for the project, it is concluded that the project should go ahead as planned.
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