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Title: Compensation issuance report for batch 2 IWRMCs of Zone 4&5
Other Titles: Vegitation compensation Issuance Report for Batch 2 IWRMCs of Zone 4&5
Authors: Zuhair, Ahmed Hassaan
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology
Citation: Zuhair, A.H. (2022). Compensation issuance report for batch 2 IWRMCs of Zone 4&5. Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology. : Male' Maldives. 1-30.
Abstract: Phase 1 of the technical and financial feasibility study for the establishment of a regional waste management system in Zone 4&5 has been completed and cleared by the World Bank in September 2019. Upon completion of phase one and delivery of partially completed Island Waste Management Systems report which informs the preliminary requirements for island level component, the project has received go ahead from the World Bank to commence construction of Island Waste and Resource Management Centres (IWRMCs) based on a proposal submitted by the PMU. Based on the population and the size of the islands, 2 distinguished types of technologies are proposed to deal with the organic component of the island waste stream, namely, anaerobic digestion and mechanical aerobic technology (using a mechanised compost machine). Following the high-level restructuring discussion held during the March 2022 mission, which was subsequently endorsed by the steering committee of MCEP, it was agreed that funding from the World Bank will be utilised only for the civil works and ancillary activities of 19 sub-projects in Zone 4&5, which includes 11 new centres and 8 composting pilot projects. The remaining islands in Zone 4&5 that have IWRMCs, but requiring upgrading at some capacity, have been phased out and is intended to be completed at a later stage through other funding sources. The first batch of IWRMCs include 6 islands of Zone 4&5, namely; M. Mulah, Th. Burni, Th. Kinbidhoo, Th. Madifushi, Th. Omadhoo and Th. Thimarafushi, of which 4 islands required compensation for privately owned trees at the designated plots. The compensation issuance process for these 4 islands were completed in August 2021. However, the tendering process for civil works of these subprojects were unsuccessful on first go and had to be re-tendered, along with civil works of Batch 2 subprojects. The details of compensation issuance process of Batch 1 islands are covered in the report titled “compensation issuance report for Batch 1 IWRMCs of Zone4&5”. The second batch of IWRMCs, which is the focus of this report, are proposed to be established in the following Zone 4&5 islands. 1. M. Kolhufushi (Zone 4) 2. Dh. Maaenboodhoo (Zone 4) 3. Th. Guraidhoo (Zone 5) 4. L. Dhanbidhoo (Zone 5) 5. L. Gan (Zone 5) The organic waste treatment technology proposed to be utilised at these centres is aerobic composting using a mechanical in vessel composting machine. The entire island waste management systems in these subproject islands including civil works, equipment, machinery and community mobilization will be financed by the World Bank. The World Bank will also Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs) were developed for these 5 centres and subsequently cleared by the Maldives Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Bank. These reports have also been disclosed in the website of Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology (MECCT).
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